Finding hope in the strangest places: Face-holes and a review of the DSM-5.


I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but the second half of today has got me thinking (hoping!) that I might be coming out of my month+-long funk*! I still have a sinus infection, which makes me grumpy, but I feel lighter today and I actually have been slowly progressing through the edits I have to do. A couple of small but notable happenings that have made me feel so hopeful:

1) I went to the mouth doctor today (forgive my lack of knowledge of medical terms) for my bi-annual monitoring of a hole in my jaw (I don’t know the proper term for this “condition” either. All I know is it’s rare but no big deal as long as it remains benign). Anyway, the doctor said that since my biopsy, the hole appears to be filling in with bone (apparently a good sign- yay!) This is good, but the part that amused me and brightened my day is this: yesterday a woman told me not to get any more holes in my face. She was referring to my eyebrow ring, which is a spike I’ve had for about 10 years, and I forget it is there because it is just a part of me. But I love it. She immediately admitted that it was none of her business–it’s true people, it’s not appropriate to comment on what strangers do with their bodies; bodies are not public property, and usually comments like this come from specific understandings of how bodies are supposed to look according to gender norms–and I agreed that it wasn’t her business and abruptly ended the conversation. But as of today, I know that I technically have less hole in my face than I did last year! I wish I could tell her that.

2) A Laurie Penny tweet provided me with this amazing read from The New Inquiry online journal. It is a book review of the DSM-5 written as if it is a dystopian novel. I love it. I assume so often that no one understands where I’m coming from in my criticisms of psychiatry and dominant understandings of mental illness, and then I see something like this and I get more motivated and feel like I have legitimate things to say.

These are 2 little things that don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things but have significantly improved my mood in the midst of a bunch of shit. Thank you, universe. I needed those.

*Thank you so much to members of the blog community who have been so supportive of my downer rambling in the last few posts. I’m sure there will be more, but hopefully not for awhile. You folks are awesome.


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  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts and Observations of a Certified Nut! and commented:
    Like the writer of this blog, I sometimes feel as if I have nothing valuable to say about the mental health system and my experience, but the article referred to and linked to i here is something I think is worth reading, in spite of or because of its length, you decide. It portrays the American DSM-5 as dystopian literature and the writers as blind and obsessive.

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